Our team is capable of performing routine maintenance, lowering suspensions. Automotive Solutions is an independent, full service and repair facility specializing in BMW; Range rover; Mercedes; Mini Cooper and other fine European Automobiles and Japan model Automobiles.



 Our goal is to provide top-level expertise to address your car’s needs while providing personal customer service. Our technicians have multiple skills and over 5 years experience. We are among the  service and repair facility in Dar es Salaam area to have the latest diagnostic equipment from Europe.


Car service in our workshop is divided into 3 packages

Our packaged car services make life easy. You can choose from three different levels of servicing based on your particular need, and you’ll know upfront exactly what you’re going to pay. So, if you don’t want to stick to your car manufacturer’s preferred servicing schedule, or if your car is older, then packaged car servicing could suit you. We have the following service package in which a customer may choose to meet his requirement and pay the fair price depend on the package;





Make an appointment for your car by calling:  +255766750750/ +255715252450