Remember, the oil filter holds all the excess sludge and grime that the oil catches while lubricating the engine. Changing the filter is vital to car maintenance because without a new oil filter in place, new engine oil will be passing through the old filter, making it dirty and less effective. In this package of service it involves

>Changing the oil filter and 

>Changing engine oil

Each package has its own price and it depend on the car model so for more inquiry about this package contact us on +255766750750/+25515252450


NOTE*:Not all engine oils sold in stores fits in any car, in every car model there is a special oil used so as to make it and its parts function well and for a much longer time. We provide advice on what is the best oil to use in your car before buying regular oils, just contact us and we would glad to help you on this.


Contact us:+255766750750/+25515252450