We offer new and used DME (ECU) Programing

If you have a USED DME (ECU) and the Dealer or an independent shop told you it cannot be programmed to your EWS and Keys, Then you have come to the right Place. The new anti-theft technology is a device called the "EWS", which is also known as the "Immobilizer". This module compares the VIN number of the car between different electronic modules in the car. If the VIN number isn't consistent, the car will not start. Also the EWS has a password feature called the "Rolling Code" which changes between the modules every time that the car is turned off. This makes it virtually impossible to swap used ECU's between cars.


However, we’ve found a way to work around this.

We can reprogram a used ECU using another VIN number and reset the Rolling Code, virtually making the unit "virgin". Only then, can we successfully exchange and swap a used ECU to work in another car.




                                                      We program ECU for all car models



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