Looking for a mobile car key programming service that is affordable to you?

Automotive solutions provide a convenient service for programming car keys at your location.  Mobile car key programming if you have lost your car keys. We have a much better solution; our mobile key coding service saves you time and cash over alternative options. We aim to make the process of car key programming as hassle free and convenient as possible. We have several mobile car locksmith technicians that provide key coding to the whole of Tanzania and nearby Home Counties.  If you need car key programming  call The Automotive Solution on +255766750750/+255715252450 .


How much does it cost to program a car key? We prefer to offer a full package of supplying and programming your replacement car key. This allows us to be sure the correct remote control and transponder chip is integrated into the key and that no inferior parts have been used. If you have lost all of your car keys there is no need to order a replacement key through your main dealer, we supply a full service. If you have already ordered a key from a main dealer before finding out about The Automotive solutions  we will still be glad to help. As car keys and immobilizer systems work in a variety of ways, some much more complicated that others, it’s difficult to provide a “one price fits all” figure. Some keys can be programmed in five minutes, whilst others will need considerably more work and could take 45 minutes to code into the car. For a more accurate price please call us direct on  +255766750750/+255715252450


For our services Call us on  +255766750750/+255715252450